Steps to a full Licence. 

Applying For Your  Provisional Licence.

You can send off for your provisional licence  to drive a car 3 months before you are 17 but this does not become valid  to drive a car or take the theory test until your 17th Birthday.

So the minimum age for learning to drive a car on a public road is 17.

Booking your first lessons.
The day has come, you can legally drive on the road but how do you go about booking your first lesson?  Just call us on Cambridge 844404 and leave a message with your name and number, and we will get back to you.

Ok, I've had my first lesson so how many more do I need?
There is no set number of lessons that will get you at test standard as each individual learns at their own pace, your  instructor will be able to assess your progress and give you an estimate to how many lessons you need.

Intensive Lessons.
We do not offer intensive lessons because our years of experience have shown that one, to one and a half, or two hour lessons, perhaps twice a week, allow the maximum concentration without being to tiring. We are however completely flexible to your timetable.

The Theory Test.
This was introduced in 1996 and you will have to pass it before you can book your all important Practical test.

There are various training aids available, these can be done as Mock Theory Tests on a home computer to help you prepare and then book the theory test.

Yeah! I've passed it so now what?
Well done your half way there! You will continue with your driving lessons until you have reached test standard, then its time to
book the Practical Test.

Practical Test.
This is  easy to book through the internet, we will advise you of the details when you are ready.

Passed my Test  Freedom!
Now I'm legal, is there anything else I can do?
Ok, so now you are legal to drive unaccompanied on the road, but take it easy, there are a lot of new areas you still have to cover.
Why not try, Motorway Tuition, we can help you further your skills.